HMCAC currently has 5 endowments honoring individuals who personified the Auburn Spirit and were committed to the HMCAC mission.  In 2010 Dr. Charles Horton, a past HMCAC president, encouraged the board to begin building endowments in order to honor these much deserving individuals and ensure that their legacies continued by supporting future Auburn alumni.

The first endowment was established to honor Brooks and Marian Moore. The HMCAC, together with the friends and family, were able to contribute $25,000.

The following year, HMCAC named two additional endowments to honor James T. Tatum Jr. and Laura E. Hanks, whose families had long been active in HMCAC and who were paradigms of the Auburn Spirit.

In 2014, after a great year of fund raising, we were able to establish a general endowment that we can add to each year.

This year, with the help of an anonymous donor, we were able to establish a $25,000 endowment in the name of current VP, & long time board member, Larissa Chastain. Her hard work and dedication every year impacts the lives of countless students that are touched by our board. 

If you are interested in endowing a scholarship through HMCAC, please contact Ashley Walls

Current Endowments:

Larissa Chastain Endowment - endowed at $25k

The Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club General Endowment - endowed at $25k

Brooks & Marian Moore Endowment - endowed at $25K

James T. Tatum Endowment - endowed at $25K

Laura Hanks Endowment - endowed at $12.5K

NOTE: The Laura Hanks Endowment is paired endowment. Auburn University offered a  short-term opportunity that allowed any person or group to fully endow a scholarship with a $12,500 investment and the endowment would be paired with a Spirit of Auburn Scholarship. For more information about Spirit of Auburn Resident Scholarships, please click here.