Welcome to the Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club
The mission of the Huntsville Madison County Auburn Club is to strengthen and foster the relationship between Auburn University alumni and friends, and to raise scholarship funds for deserving High School Seniors living in Madison County.  

We are LIVE and ready for you to make reservations for Tiger Trek 2015 with Coach Gus Malzahn.  Tuesday, May 12th at 6:00 p.m. Ingalls Harbor Pavilion in Decatur. 

Please be sure to type in the box that your party is with 
This will ensure that your donation goes to scholarships for Madison County students! 

One last time at the JOE!!!
April 30th, Thursday
6:40 pm

The HMCAC Young Alumni Group are happy to invite the Auburn Family to one of the last "Stars" games at Joe Davis Stadium. 

The team is moving to Biloxi, but due to the stadium situation they'll play a hand full of games in Huntsville!  We will have more information on tickets in the upcoming weeks!!!

The H.M.C.A.C. is using GoFundMe.com as a new innovative way to raise scholarship money for our endowments. Our scholarships go to local students from the Madison County area. No donation is to small so please give what you can and know that it's going too a worth cause.



Become a Member of the Auburn Alumni Association

The association will pay commissions to clubs who recruit new and returning members. Under the Membership Unity menu, PLEASE choose the Huntsville-Madison Auburn Club in order for the local club to get credit toward its scholarships. If you mail in the renewal form, enter MUHMAC (Membership Unity Huntsville Madison Auburn Club) in the promotional code box.

By joining or renewing your membership in the Auburn Alumni Association,one is automatically a member of their local Auburn Club.