Join the HMCAC Board

The Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club board is comprised of individuals who are interested in helping to connect alumni and friends. Their focus is to help foster the Auburn spirit through sponsorships so that local high school students can go to Auburn as well as celebrate Auburn traditions through special meetings, activities and club events. 


Opportunity to help future Auburn students

Networking with fellow Auburn alumni who live and work in the same community

Access to community events for decreased or no cost        

Who should join the board?

Auburn University Alumni and friends who are looking to be active and engaged in a volunteer organization that strives to meet the goals of it’s mission, connect members of the Auburn family together, and continue to foster the Auburn Spirit. The board looks for a myriad of personal and professional interests and backgrounds, as well as strengths and experience in networking, fundraising, community outreach and others. The hope is that their board will reflect the Auburn Family as a whole. 

What do board members do?

Attend and Participate: Attend monthly meetings. Attendance is expected with no more than 5 consecutive absences. in the hope that our board will reflect the Auburn Family as a whole. 

Develop and Execute Events: There are no fewer than five fundraising events each year that the HMCAC sponsors, including: Tiger Trek, James T. Tatum Jr. Tiger Tee Off, Recruiting Wrap Up, and Freshman Send Off. We also host paint parties, game-watching events and community service opportunities. Board members are responsible for executing the event from inception to completion.

Committee Involvement: Annual committees are developed to spearhead fundraising, scholarships, events, communications, etc. and each member of the board is obligated to serve or lead on several committees.

Financial Support: The primary mission of the HMCAC is to raise scholarship funds for students of Madison County. To achieve that mission and cultivate funds throughout the community, each member of the board must be willing and able to contribute both financially and in-kind.

Build the Network: It is important for the HMCAC to work in conjunction with the Auburn Alumni Association to attract and cultivate people who are interested in continuing to develop their relationship with Auburn University and fellow alumni. The HMCAC board is responsible for developing and cultivating those relationships throughout the community. 

How does the board operate?

HMCAC board members must be current members of the Auburn Alumni Association when appointed and commit to serving a 4-year term. The board meets the first Monday of each month from 6-7 pm. There is also on-going communications via email, web, phone and social media. Sub-committees are responsible for scheduling individual meetings as necessary throughout the year.

How do I join the board?

If you have questions about joining the board or are interested in serving, please reach out to the HMCAC board leadership team. You will be asked to submit a letter of intent which should include your past and present involvement with Auburn, as well as your reasoning for wanting to join.  All submissions will be read and voted on by the board.