Walton Rogers

These past months in Auburn have been amazing! Aside from not losing a single home football game, I have enjoyed making new friends, taking fun classes, and walking through the beautiful campus on a daily basis. Already, Auburn has offered amazing opportunities and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Although the work is challenging it makes it even more rewarding to succeed. I am overwhelmed with how thankful I am to attend this wonderful school and for all the people who have helped me get here. War Eagle!

Walton Rogers, Randolph High School,  Class of 2017

Walton Rogers, Randolph High School, Class of 2017

Seymour Irby

Things here at Auburn are going great! While majoring in Management Information Systems, I’ve been able to enjoy good academic standing, a great football season, and now a successful basketball season. I couldn’t be more happy here at Auburn!

Seymour Irby, Virgil I Grissom High,  Class of 2017

Seymour Irby, Virgil I Grissom High, Class of 2017

HMCAC Scholarship Recipients

The HMCAC has been awarding scholarships and endowments for years. Listed below are some of our past scholarship recipients.  We continue to stay in touch with them through their college careers and after graduation. Making sure that our scholarships are awarded to committed students from the Huntsville-Madison County area is the cornerstone of our mission.


Walton Rogers

Seymour Irby


Haleigh Briggs

Elizabeth Hurley


Jacoub Bourland

Jacqueline Stark


Tre Smith

Kayla Tucker


Kyle Miller

Anna Bozeman


Ella Turner

Sara Shubert 


Annie Lopez

Caroline Johnson


Hallie Johnson

Josh Hanson


Lauren Craft

Augustine Ahn


Blake Hamilton

Jordan Helton

Cullum Stirling

Jennifer Thai


Schavion Graham

Anna Lane

Logan Matthews